Weapons are items you can equip to your fighters to help assist you on offense in combat. There are 45 weapon classes and each type has it's own unique traits. Weapons can also have enchantments on them which give additional bonuses such as increased damage, stuns or haste.


Weapons and armor may include unique attributes that may effect the outcome of offensive or defensive actions on the battlefield. These attributes provide depth and strategy to every encounter as a weapon or armor's unique attribute could result in victory or defeat!

Attribute Effect
Critical Stun Slows enemy on critical hit by adding action time
Damage Bonus Flat bonus to weapon's max damage
Guard Bonus More protection from forward-facing attacks (Also called "Shield")
Haste Speeds up an ally by removing action time so they can act faster
Knockback Attack Pushes enemy back 1 tile (vs non-Plate armor)
Point-Blank Attack Ranged weapon without standard -25 Aim penalty for melee-distance attack
Rest Bonus Boosts the percent healed while performing a Rest Action
Uses (*) Stat Uses a non-standard stat for Damage or Defense calculation
Volley Ranged attack that travels over obstacles and allies


Many weapons can be enchanted with Elemental Magic. The element a weapon is enchanted with modifies its Base Stats and provides additional (and even cumulative) bonuses. Some weapons like wands, Spell books, and flasks, are always enchanted. Weapons with enchantments have an additional Resist check while making Combat Rolls. For instance, a Fiery Great sword might have a harder time dealing damage to a Fire Golem, but it would have a significant advantage against a Frost Giant.

Enchant Attribute
Disease +5% Damage
Fire +5% Damage
Frost Stuns on Critical Hits (+1 turn)
Holy Typically on healing weapons (but not always)
Lightning Haste allies (Remove action time)
Poison Stuns on Critical Hits (+1 turn)